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Beyond the Phygital Frontier


  • Introduction and Background:
    • The conversation starts with a discussion about iMAN’s journey and inspirations. They talk about being driven by a passion for design and how they were influenced by childhood experiences and family background.
  • Design Philosophy and Approach:
    • The guest emphasizes a unique design philosophy, focusing on never blending in and always striving to create something original and futuristic. They believe in challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries in design.
  • Specific Projects and Innovations:
    • The conversation delves into specific projects like the “land yacht” and the “EXXEO Piano.” These examples are highlighted for their groundbreaking and futuristic aspects. The land yacht is noted for its distinctive aesthetics, and the EXXEO Piano is appreciated for both its timeless design and functional excellence.
  • Impact and Reception:
    • The guest discusses the impact of their work, noting the surprise and fascination it often elicits. They share anecdotes about showing the land yacht to family, emphasizing the groundbreaking nature of their designs.
  • Personal Reflections and Future Outlook:
    • Throughout the interview, there are personal reflections on the journey and the challenges of being a trailblazer in design. The guest also shares their thoughts on the future of design, indicating a commitment to innovation and excellence.
  • Conclusion:
    • The interview concludes with expressions of mutual appreciation and inspiration. The host thanks the guest for sharing their insights and looks forward to future collaborations or discussions.

The EXXEO Journey

In an age where the boundary between the physical and digital worlds is increasingly blurred, a recent episode of “Beyond the Phygital Frontier” highlighted a groundbreaking approach to design and innovation. The episode featured the revolutionary work of EXXEO, an avant-garde design company that is redefining the landscape of modern design. The central theme revolved around EXXEO’s ability to create not just products, but experiences that transcend traditional confines, merging physical reality with digital potential.

The EXXEO Ethos: A Blend of Art and Technology

At the core of EXXEO’s philosophy is the seamless integration of art with cutting-edge technology. This unique approach is evident in their standout project, the EXXEO piano. More than just a musical instrument, the EXXEO piano is a fusion of exquisite craftsmanship and technological innovation. Its design, described as “timeless,” speaks to the company’s commitment to creating objects that are not only visually stunning but also technologically advanced.

The Land Yacht: Redefining Mobility

Another flagship project discussed in the episode was the “land yacht,” a concept that challenges traditional notions of vehicular design. This project encapsulates EXXEO’s vision of futuristic mobility – a blend of luxury, sustainability, and functionality. With its sleek, aerodynamic design and cutting-edge features, the land yacht is not just a vehicle; it’s a statement about the future of transportation.

Innovation in the Phygital Realm

EXXEO’s work epitomizes the ‘phygital’ concept – the blending of physical and digital realities. Their products are not mere static pieces; they are dynamic entities that exist both in the physical world and the digital realm. This approach allows for a level of customization and interaction that traditional design paradigms cannot match. The EXXEO piano, for instance, offers both physical and digital versions, catering to the evolving needs of the modern consumer.

Impacting the Future of Design

The conversation in “Beyond the Phygital Frontier” underscored EXXEO’s role as a harbinger of future design trends. Their commitment to creating designs that are both futuristic and functional sets a new standard in the industry. It’s a call to action for other designers and innovators to think beyond the conventional, to imagine what lies at the intersection of the tangible and the virtual.

A Visionary Path Forward

The episode “Beyond the Phygital Frontier” offered a compelling glimpse into the world of EXXEO, a company that is not just creating products but is crafting experiences that resonate at the core of the phygital revolution. Their work stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities when imagination meets technology, paving the way for a future where design transcends physical limitations and enters new realms of creativity and innovation. As the episode concluded, it left a lasting impression of a future shaped by bold, visionary ideas – a future where the phygital frontier is not just a concept, but a vivid reality.


The interview features iMAN Magshoudi discussing his unique approach to creating innovative, futuristic designs that challenge conventional norms. Key projects highlighted include the “land yacht” and the “EXXEO Piano,” both noted for their groundbreaking aesthetics and functionality. The designer emphasizes a philosophy of never blending in, aiming to produce timeless, original work. The conversation touches on personal inspirations, the surprising impact of their designs, and the designer’s outlook on the future of design. The interview concludes with mutual appreciation and a forward-looking perspective.

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