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A Commemorative Collection of Ethereum NFTs for the Coronation of King Charles III

For centuries, the British monarchy has remained a symbol of national identity. Despite the shifting tides of history, the Windsors have endured, with the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla being the latest chapter in their story. But how do the British people continue to celebrate and honor their royal family in the modern age? The answer lies in the world of NFTs.

The Evening Standard and Digital Artist Trevor Jones Partner to Keep the Monarchy Relevant in the Modern Age

Thanks to a partnership between the Evening Standard and digital artist Trevor Jones, a commemorative collection of Ethereum NFTs is now available for free, just in time for the coronation festivities. Developed in collaboration with Apollo NFT, “The Oath” collection features stunning digital art that pays homage to the monarchy’s history and enduring legacy.

To claim one of these unique NFTs, individuals can either visit Nifty Gateway or scan a QR code printed in the newspaper. For those traveling to London to participate in the coronation celebrations, QR codes are also displayed on billboards along Oxford Street. However, collectors must wait until May 7th for the NFTs to be minted and distributed.

For some unknown reason, the British still hold their monarchy in high esteem, and NFTs offer a new way to celebrate and commemorate this timeless institution. The Windsors will continue trying to stay relevant through partnerships like the Evening Standard and Trevor Jones.

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