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The Mother of Creation NFT triptych is just another example of Madonna’s self-centeredness.

Madonna, the “Queen of Pop,” has once again tried to assert her dominance in the art world by collaborating with Beeple to create the Mother of Creation NFT triptych. But let’s be real, folks, these NFTs are just another example of Madonna’s ego getting in the way of real artistic expression.

While proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will benefit women and children around the world, let’s not forget that Madonna herself is the collection’s centerpiece. Three NFTs were created based on a 3D scan of the pop star, and the triptych represents her self-absorption.

And don’t even get me started on the pricing. The most expensive NFT from the collection, Mother of Nature, was sold for a whopping 170.5 ETH. That’s the equivalent of almost $600,000! It’s no wonder that some people are questioning the validity of the pricing.

But let’s be honest. Madonna’s NFTs are not groundbreaking. They’re just another attempt by a celebrity to stay relevant in the ever-evolving world of crypto and blockchain. It’s not enough to slap a famous face on an NFT and call it art.

Madonna’s NFTs may be making headlines, but they’re not worth the price tag. Let’s focus on real art and real artists rather than indulging the egos of celebrities looking to cash in on the latest crypto craze.

Mario Alberto Estrella

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