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The NFTs market has just received a massive boost in its fight against Apple’s stringent control over the App Store. The recent antitrust ruling has thrown open the gates, unleashing NFTs into the wild.

In a victory for Epic Games, the US appeals court has ruled that Apple’s anti-steering provisions are unlawful. This is a big win for NFT developers looking to list their products on the App Store, as they will no longer be subject to Apple’s 30% fee on in-app purchases.

The ruling is set to shake up the NFTs market, which has been gaining momentum in recent days amid the growing hype. With Apple’s grip on the market loosening, NFT developers can now breathe a sigh of relief and focus on creating new and innovative products.

The court ruling sets a precedent that could help to promote greater openness and affordability in the marketplace for digital assets.

This victory is not just for NFTs It is a victory for all those who have been fighting against the monopolistic practices of big tech. The ruling sends a clear message that even the biggest players in the game are not above the law.

Mario Alberto Estrella

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