Elysian Eclipse

The World's 1st Interactive Immersive Piano NFT Experience.

By Vincent Lyn

About Vincent Lyn

Forever winning in Chinese is Yong Sheng, Vincent Lyn’s Chinese name. He was born to a Chinese father and a British mother. His English name is Sir Vincent Raymond Percival Lyn. Vincent is the kind of individual whom you instinctively know when you meet him that he is someone worth finding out more about, and the more you peel away layers of the onion, the more impressed you’ll be. He was born in Aden, Yemen; his father, an aircraft engineer, was stationed there with the British Royal Air Force (R.A.F). At two years old, Vincent and his family moved to Ethiopia, Khartoum (Sudan), Algeria, Netherlands, then England. He emigrated to the United States at age 16 and then to Hong Kong after his university studies. 

Martial Arts: He started studying martial arts at age 8. He learned Tai Chi from his uncle and later mastered his family style Ling Gar Kung Fu (or Lyn). Kung Fu looks pretty and is often thought of as a martial art that is performed for its artistry. Vincent has excelled in not just the art of Kung Fu but in its application as well. He is a 10th degree Black Sash Grandmaster who has been invited to teach martial art workshops around the world. In 2016, he taught 700 people Tai Chi and Ling Gar Kung Fu in a soccer stadium in Portugal. Jackie Chan has said that Vincent was one of the best fighters he had ever worked with. In 2007 Vincent was invited as a special guest to the first Martial Arts Olympics East- West Open in St. Petersburg, Russia. In the opening ceremony, he demonstrated his superb martial art skills in front of 20,000 spectators and also performed a piano solo, which surprised and dazzled the audience. He has been inducted into many Martial Arts Hall of Fame, including an award for Grandmaster of the Year from the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame. Most recently, in 2019, Vincent received a Legend Award for Who’s Who in the Martial Arts – a high-level accomplishment in the Martial Arts world. 

Acting: As a young lad, Vincent studied poetry, prose, and elocution at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in England. After moving to the United States, he studied acting in New York for a couple of years and, after graduating from university, moved to Hong Kong to try his hand at an acting career.
Vincent made use of his martial arts training in his transition to the movies. He landed his first movie role in Tiger Cage – made by internationally acclaimed film director Yuen Woo Ping. Ping has been involved in such movies as The Matrix, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Charlie’s Angels, and Kill Bill. This movie was a big hit in the Asian market; Vincent was in high demand, which fortunately led to him playing roles in more than 25 movies, including “Blonde Fury” (with Cynthia Rothrock). His film career has included playing a lead villain fighting superstar Jackie Chan in Operation Condor. Dr. Lyn has been awarded the Fists of Legends “Hong Kong Legends Cinema Award” at the Urban Action Showcase Expo in New York, sponsored by HBO/Cinemax. He was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as the Best Martial Arts Actor of the Year. 

Music: While Vincent related to martial arts from his paternal side, he also developed an affinity for music from his maternal side – his mother being a classical pianist. He started studying piano at age 11, which is a little old for a concert pianist but not too old for Vincent. 

He graduated from the prestigious Boston Conservatory of Music, majoring in piano performance and composition. Lyn wrote Canto-pop songs for recording artists with PolyGram Records, two of which became top ten hits. In 2011 Vincent gave his debut performance (the first of many) to a sold-out crowd at Carnegie Hall in connection with the release of his CD Heaven Bound, which were up for two Grammy nominations for Best Improvisation Jazz Solo and Best Instrumental Jazz Album. The album was voted in the Top Ten Album of the Year for Unsigned Artists and Top 40 Jazz Album of the Year. Lyn released his second jazz album Wing Sing which received four nominations in the Grammy Ballot. The Wall Street Journal called him a “Master of martial and musical arts.” His CD Vincent Lyn Live in New York City (from Carnegie Hall) won 5-star reviews and was #12 for 8 weeks on the World Jazz Charts, and received 4 Grammy Nominations. In 2015 Vincent teamed up with Grammy Award-winning flutist Wouter Kellerman and other outstanding musicians to perform music from around the world at Carnegie Hall. His most recent Carnegie Hall concert was on December 2, 2022, a benefit for orphaned and displaced children in Ukraine. 

Social Justice: Director of Creative Development for African Views, an NGO charitable organization with the United Nations and whose mission includes: identifying and bridging cultural gaps, facilitating improvement of social and economic ties, and promoting global partnerships for the advancement of the humanities. Focusing on cultural sustainability and cultural harmony, their projects include cultural exchange programs and panel discussions in the areas of health, education, environment, and economy. In this role, Vincent has presented his “on the ground” observations and research to African Views. 

Humanitarian: On a bodyguard mission for a VIP in Ghana, Vincent visited a shelter where 20 children (ages 5 – 15) had just been rescued from slavery. He recalls seeing the fear in their eyes, how that look stayed with him and inspired him to become involved – offering help in some way. He started promoting awareness and raising money for rescue and recovery projects for these trafficked children. Contacted by many people and local CBO (community-based organizations) in Africa looking for help; one of these contacts was in Uganda. Wanting to see the situation in person (Vincent adheres to the philosophy of “being active on the ground level to get things done, not just talk about it.”) he traveled to Kampala and witnessed children starving to death and struggling to survive. He knew that helping alleviate this suffering was to become a life mission. Since that time, Vincent has become the Director of Creative Development & Board of Directors for the African Views Organization Economic & Social Council at U.N. (leading conferences at Parliament and the United Nations). He started a nonprofit organization – We Can Save Children– whose mission is to rescue & recover children in Africa and the Middle East. Whether these children are orphans, refugees, or poverty-stricken, the goal is to protect and provide aid (funds, resources, and guidance) to help these children survive. Vincent is truly making a life-saving difference in the lives of these children – not just donating money, but being there for months at a time, personally helping save children from slavery, starvation, and dying from disease. His We Can Save Children organization provides them access to an education and an opportunity for a better future and for the first time in their lives – hope! 

On December 10, 2019, he was voted the ‘Top 100 Human Rights Defenders’ along with his esteemed colleagues from around the world by the IHRC International Human Rights Commission on World Human Rights Day. In 2022 he was recently appointed Deputy Ambassador of IHRC-hq.org. His recent projects involve over 1,200 orphaned children from Rwanda, South Sudan, and Uganda in 3 different orphanages in Uganda. Vincent’s foundation provides food, shelter, medications, clothing and education as well as important vocational skills. He has also purchased agricultural land, so they can be self-sustainable in terms of food. His newest initiative is to build a sports complex in Lebanon to help the Palestinian refugees incorporating a Chinese martial arts program as part of the curriculum. In April and July 2022 he was on a Humanitarian Aid & Rescue Mission in Ukraine partnering with two NGOs in Latvia and Ukraine to bring medical supplies and rescue families, bringing them to safety in Latvia and Poland. He spoke at the Houses of Parliament in London on the atrocities that have been committed against the civilian population of Ukraine. He partnered with a U.K.-based foundation, ‘Help Children Now’ in facilitating the logistics in the rescue & recovery of 30 members of an Afghan female cycling team from Afghanistan to Pakistan and safely resettled to England. He returned to Syria a third time in July 2023 to look at the current ongoing strife of the Syrian citizens and to interview with Syrian National TV 1. Vincent risks his life in many of the most dangerous countries on earth by taking a united stand on the issues that affect our world.

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A Phygital Odyssey

Explore Emotion, Celebrate Interconnectedness.

“Elysian Eclipse” is an ethereal and introspective musical album that delves into the intricate tapestry of our global community. With a profound vision, this album seeks to unravel the beauty, struggles, and interconnectedness of our world.
Structured as an Interactive Immersive Experience, “Elysian Eclipse” is a musical odyssey that invites you to embark on a transformative voyage through various virtual environments and emotional landscapes. Each track serves as a portal into a distinct facet of the global experience, capturing moments of joy, celebration, introspection, and contemplation.

Exclusive Glimpse into the 'Elysian Eclipse'
Immersive VR Experience

Vincent Lyn

Emerald Vibration

Stands as a visionary musical composition and environment that captures the global experience. Through its immersive soundscape, the composition celebrates the harmonious connection between humanity and nature, while reflecting the rich tapestry of cultural diversity that defines our world.

By evoking a range of emotions and fostering a sense of global unity, “Emerald Vibration” invites listeners to embark on a transformative journey, encouraging a deeper appreciation for our shared human experience and our responsibility to preserve and protect the beauty of our planet.

Vincent Lyn

Emanate Aurora

Celebrating the beauty and awe-inspiring nature of the northern lights, “Emanate Aurora” seeks to capture the mystical and enchanting phenomenon through music.

Combining ethereal sounds, delicate melodies, and ambient textures, this composition transports listeners to the polar regions, inviting them to witness the dance of vibrant lights in the night sky.

Vincent Lyn

Echoes of Odyssey

Drawing inspiration from the timeless tales of human exploration and the yearning for new horizons, “Echoes of Odyssey” resonates with the spirit of adventure.

This composition weaves together motifs from various musical traditions across the globe, evoking the courage, curiosity, and resilience that lie within the hearts of explorers and wanderers.

Vincent Lyn

Empyrean Redemption

Symbolizing the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, “Empyrean Redemption” captures the transformative journey towards self-discovery and enlightenment.

This composition blends soaring melodies, intricate harmonies, and powerful orchestration, mirroring the profound moments of growth, personal transformation, and the pursuit of universal truths that we encounter throughout our lives.

Vincent Lyn

Euphoric Bloom

Inspired by the resilience and beauty found in the natural world, “Euphoric Bloom” celebrates the universal cycle of growth, blossoming, and renewal.

This composition blends together rich orchestration, evocative melodies, and intricate harmonies to convey the sense of wonder and joy experienced when witnessing the blooming of flowers or the birth of new life.

Vincent Lyn

Ephemeral Oasis

In a world of constant change and fleeting moments, “Ephemeral Oasis” offers respite and contemplation.

This composition invites listeners to immerse themselves in an oasis of tranquility, merging gentle melodies with ambient sounds. It serves as a reminder to cherish the present and find solace amidst the transient nature of existence.

Vincent Lyn

Exalt to Exosphere

Aims to evoke a profound sense of wonder and unity in listeners. Through its expansive melodies and uplifting harmonies, the composition invites listeners to reflect on the beauty and vastness of our shared human experience.

It celebrates the achievements, challenges, and triumphs of individuals and communities across the globe.

Vincent Lyn

Escalation Red White & Blue

A visionary musical composition and environment that captures the essence of the global experience. It serves as a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries and foster a global community that is united in its shared experiences, aspirations, and dreams. the dynamism and complex interplay of cultures.

It aims to evoke a range of emotions that resonate with the global experience. The energetic and vibrant rhythm inspires a sense of celebration and joy, reflecting the spirit and power of national pride. The composition also captures the underlying nuances of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of dreams that permeate international environments.

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