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Web3 Artistry


The episode titled “Web3 Artistry” featured musician, martial artist, actor, author, and philanthropist Vincent Lynn. Discussion topics included Lynn’s musical career, his Grammy submissions, his early influences in music, and his transition into acting through martial arts. Lynn also spoke about his recent album “Elysian Eclipse,” its creation process, and its integration with Web3 and NFTs. Additionally, he discussed his philanthropy work, including child rescue missions and humanitarian efforts.

The Multifaceted Journey of Vincent Lynn


In a riveting episode of the EXXEO Podcast, Vincent Lynn, a renowned musician, martial artist, actor, author, and philanthropist, shared his inspiring journey. The episode, aptly titled “Web3 Artistry,” delved into the intricacies of Lynn’s diverse career, his innovative music album “Elysian Eclipse,” and its intersection with the emerging world of Web3 and NFTs.

Early Musical Influences and Evolution

Vincent Lynn’s musical journey is a tapestry woven from a diverse range of influences. He recounted how his passion for music was ignited by his mother, a BBC radio show host and a child prodigy herself. Despite a late start at the age of 12, Lynn’s dedication saw him graduate from the Boston Conservatory and perform at Carnegie Hall. His musical style evolved from classical roots to encompass jazz and pop, influenced by icons like Elton John and the jazz legends echoing in his childhood home.

Transition to Acting through Martial Arts

Lynn’s artistic pursuits were not confined to music. His expertise in martial arts, a skill honed from a young age, propelled him into the world of acting. His journey took him to Hong Kong, where he starred alongside Jackie Chan and delved into the Kanto Pop music scene, showcasing his versatility.

“Elysian Eclipse” and The Web3 Integration

The centerpiece of the podcast was Lynn’s recent album, “Elysian Eclipse,” a groundbreaking project marrying music with Web3 and NFTs. This album represents a paradigm shift, moving beyond traditional music creation into the realm of digital artistry. Lynn described the creative process as a blend of improvisation and inspiration drawn from diverse environments. The album, with its immersive and innovative soundscapes, marks Lynn’s foray into an uncharted digital universe.

Philanthropy and Humanitarianism

Equally compelling is Lynn’s work in philanthropy. He narrated his transformative experience starting in January 2015, which led to the inception of his foundation ‘We Can Save Children.’ His foundation focuses on rescuing children in conflict zones, a mission that has reshaped his perspective on life and art.

The Intersection of Art, Technology, and Humanitarianism

Lynn’s journey is a testament to the power of evolving with time and technology. His openness to new experiences and technologies, like NFTs and the digital space, exemplifies the potential for traditional art forms to find new expressions in the modern world. Furthermore, his humanitarian work adds a profound depth to his artistry, infusing his creative endeavors with a sense of purpose and empathy.


Vincent Lynn’s story, as unfolded on the EXXEO Podcast, is not just about a successful career. It’s a narrative of constant evolution, embracing new technologies, and the power of art to transcend boundaries. His journey from a classical pianist to a digital art pioneer, intertwined with a deep commitment to humanitarian causes, offers invaluable insights into the future of art, philanthropy, and their intersection in the rapidly evolving digital age.

Vincent Lynn’s life and work are a beacon for aspiring artists, illustrating that the fusion of art, technology, and social consciousness can create not just remarkable art but also a meaningful impact on the world.


Vincent Lynn, a multifaceted artist, discussed his musical journey, the making of his album “Elysian Eclipse,” and its connection with Web3 and NFTs on the EXXEO Podcast. He also shared insights into his extensive philanthropy work.

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