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Driven by Design


In this episode of the EXXEO Podcast, host Jarrod Petters discusses with guest iMAN Maxudi, a car designer, various aspects of automotive design and trends. The conversation begins with Maxudi sharing his personal car experiences, including his first car and his venture into car modifications. They then delve into the evolution of car designs, particularly focusing on brands like Kia and Tesla.

Maxudi expresses his views on design aesthetics, the impact of electric vehicles on car design, and the challenges faced in maintaining brand identity without traditional features like grills. He also discusses the future of autonomous driving and its potential impact on car interiors and the driving experience.

Navigating the Evolution of Car Design: 

Insights from EXXEO Podcast’s “Driven by Design”

In a fascinating episode of the EXXEO Podcast, host Jarrod Petters invites iMAN Maxudi, a renowned car designer, to discuss the evolving landscape of automotive design. The episode, aptly titled “Driven by Design,” delves into the intricacies of car aesthetics, the challenges posed by electric vehicles, and the anticipated future of autonomous driving.

Maxudi’s Personal Journey in Car Design:

Maxudi starts by recounting his initial experiences with cars, describing his first vehicle and his foray into modifying cars. He reflects on the significance of aesthetics in car design and how his early experiences shaped his design philosophy.

The Evolution of Car Brands:

The conversation then shifts to how certain car brands have transformed their designs over the years. Maxudi highlights Kia’s remarkable turnaround under the guidance of Peter Schreyer, contrasting it with Tesla’s design choices. He discusses the challenges car brands face in maintaining their identity, especially in the transition to electric vehicles, which do not require traditional features like grills.

Electric Vehicles and Design Challenges:

As the automotive industry moves towards electric vehicles, Maxudi explores how this shift impacts car design. He notes the need for new design languages that compensate for the lack of traditional features and how brands are experimenting with alternative ways to distinguish their cars, such as unique lighting signatures.

The Future of Autonomous Driving:

Looking ahead, Maxudi shares his thoughts on autonomous driving and its potential to revolutionize car interiors. He expresses concern about the loss of engagement and the driving experience in a world dominated by autonomous vehicles, likening future car driving to a hobby akin to horse riding.


The episode “Driven by Design” provides a deep dive into the world of automotive design, offering unique insights from a seasoned designer. As the industry continues to evolve, it becomes clear that car design is not just about aesthetics but is deeply intertwined with technological advancements and changing consumer preferences.


The EXXEO Podcast episode “Driven by Design” features a conversation with car designer iMAN Maxudi. They discuss Maxudi’s first car experience, the evolution of car design with brands like Kia and Tesla, the impact of electric vehicles on car design, and the future of autonomous driving. Maxudi shares his insights on design aesthetics and how traditional car features are adapting in the new era of electric vehicles.

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