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Fashion is more than just clothes; it’s an experience that transcends time and space. And that’s exactly what visitors to MASONPRINCE’s first physical store in Guangzhou, China, can expect – an otherworldly shopping experience that defies conventions and amplifies the brand’s voice.

MASONPRINCE, the fast-growing young Chinese fashion brand that gained momentum from online social media, urgently needed a new space for its target audience to socialize and amplify its voice. So the brand’s first physical destination is TOMO Design’s clothing store in Guangzhou, China, which immerses visitors in a maximalist, futuristic, transcendental shopping experience where realms of time and space intertwine.

Located at the Dongshankou area in Guangzhou, a rendezvous for stylish young people, the historic Western-style residential structure marked with the year “1931” was transformed into a unique retail space that starkly contrasts with the avant-garde interior marked by reflective silver surfaces, vintage décor items, and sci-fi objects and surfaces. The design creates a dialogue between the past and the future, connecting the brand’s classless concept with the space, bringing out unbounded dynamics, and showcasing a multi-dimensional time-space realm of the MASONPRINCE universe.

With the concept of a “classless fashion community,” MASONPRINCE returns the freedom of dressing to young people, subverting conventional perception and breaking the limits. Without being limited to a specific or fixed language, the clothing designed by MASONPRINCE entices customer groups from different classes, ages, and genders. The brand explores aesthetics through fashion, reflects on the social status quo, pays attention to lifestyles, and works to create emotional value for people through clothing.

MASONPRINCE’s brand values and visionary, trendy designs not only win over many young people but also attract some of the most famous celebrities who wear its clothing daily. The vintage sports style of MASONPRINCE starkly contrasts with the futuristic style of TOMO Design’s store, which creates a unique visual sense. TOMO Design worked with MASONPRINCE to bring new experiences by creating a narrative with an interrupted timeline, incorporating a design language that “transcends the present,” and building a work scenario of “MP Studio” in the space.

The result is a multi-dimensional time-space experience that transcends daily life and immerses visitors in the “MP Studio beyond the present.” The design studio used beige travertine, metal keel, wood finish, gradient glass, woven carpet, and wood flooring as the primary materials for the 500 sqm space. The space is a landmark that amplifies the brand voice and showcases the brand’s hyper-dimensional time point that transcends the past and leaps toward the future.

Mario Alberto Estrella

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